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Tools You need This Year for SEO

December 31, 2018

Small businesses have finally begun grasping the importance of online sales and marketing. Now, with 2019 in full swing, it’s expected that many businesses which haven’t yet joined the ranks of ecommerce companies will jump in with both feet and test the waters for themselves. Thankfully, those who are new to the internet aren’t alone in their endeavor. In fact, there are many tools and apps to help small business owners increase internet presence without breaking the bank.

Not everybody is naturally intuitive when it comes to the net, and this makes it a confusing place, especially for those who are new to navigating the ecommerce lifestyle. Here are a few of the top tools on the market for search engine optimization and better internet marketing whether you have a well-established company or own a small local business.

Bright Local: Used by more than 60-thousand search engine optimization agencies and businesses around the world, BrightLocal is one of the best ways to keep track of your SEO analytics. The tool offers a customizable dashboard where you can scan and edit data, check on leads and traffic, and even communicate with new leads all from the comfort of one simple tool. A widget and app makes it easy to find and use for both yourself and visitors and it provides access to review alerts, organic ranking scores, Google My Business audits, and integrated social media tracking. Prices for this tool are monthly and per business.

Advice Local: This tool uses standard business information to share your site with local directories. For a starting rate of $15 USD a month, users can access special SEO features offered by Advice Local. Unlike some local directory tools, Advice Local has additional search engine optimization analytic tracking tools and an easy to use dashboard that is designed to provide a one stop designated management area for users.

Yext: With the slogan, “You. In Control. Everywhere.”, Yext offers the option to control your online branding endeavors from beginning to end. There are many different options for business owners working with Text, including their knowledge manager tool, which helps maintain consumer interactions and FAQs and Yext pages which adds and updates various online listings so that your company info is always up to date and synched across the net. Yext uses both automated and manual tools, giving the user plenty of control over what’s going on and how your brand is presented.

Some other notable tools available through this program are Yext listings and Yext reviews. The listing feature schedules updates in real time across a series of social media and other online resources, while the reviews tool creates and manages reviews left by real consumers, so others can see and reply to what’s being said about your brand, product or services. The tool helps users evade duplicating their listings and posting incorrect information.

Moz Local: Moz Is a known name in search engine optimization, social media and marketing expertise. The company is recognized as a leader in these categories and offers an assortment of assistance for business and website owners. Being in business for over a decade, Moz helps promote the visibility of your site which in turn increases traffic and consumer spending. Much of the help you’ll receive from this tool is through an automation process which integrates your website listing into several search engines and business directories, as well as some directory-based applications.

SEMrush: Keywords are a typical part of search engine optimization and internet marketing. They’ve been important from the start and have evolved into a key player in ranking and content monitoring. SEMrush is software which analyzes and reports on search data, such as traffic, keyword research, and backlinks. This tool actually works in correspondence with Yext, which was outlined above.

SEMrush is not a free tool, but user reviews are positive, profiling the software as some manual work followed by a lot of automated features, which are time and money savers in the marketing world.

Local SEO Checklist: This is a great tool for the SEO newbie as it helps maneuver the world of Google My Business listings and various other local search features. There’s nothing worse than going through the trouble of registering your local business with online registries only to learn you’ve done something wrong or broken a cardinal SEO rule in the process. Local SEO Checklist won’t let you make these glaring errors and even checks your website schema and content, audits your listing, and cross references your site on more than 40-different websites.

Whichever tools you choose for your website, just know that you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you’ve been a website owner since the dawn of the internet, or you’re completely new to internet marketing, there are apps that will help you make your site and your local business a success. Many of these tools are designed to minimize the time you spend in front of the computer so you have more time for hands on business and real-time marketing efforts. Automation is one of the key features of most SEO and marketing tools, but remember to proof read and monitor any content you send out onto the web.

These are just a few of the tools being promoted for use in 2019, but they’re certainly not the only ones to make waves in the SEO world. Watch for new and exciting upcoming apps and tools in future posts. Happy New Year and happy marketing!