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Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

July 6, 2016

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Image courtesy of Shannon Hauser.

We love the Internet. Seriously, we do. And since we spend majority of our time on the World Wide Web, we’ve run into a few browser extensions that have helped make our lives a little easier.

Because majority of our day revolves around Google, it’s only natural that Google Chrome is deemed the Brighthaus browser of choice. It’s for this reason that we have put together a list of 10 of our favorite Google Chrome extensions for your viewing and downloading pleasure.




1. Sidekick by Hubspot

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Are you the type of person who has the “read receipt” enabled on your iPhone? Then Sidekick by Hubspot is the Chrome extension for you. My favorite feature on Sidekick is the ability to see who opens and clicks on my emails. Not only does it notify you when someone reads your email, but also shows you a social profile snapshot of the user. You’ll never be stuck wondering “what if” again.

2. Streak

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Streak was developed out of the frustration of constantly going back and forth between external systems and Gmail’s inbox. Like Sidekick, Streak allows you to track emails. However, the feature we particularly love is the ability to group emails by client or deal into a box. This extension is perfect for streamlining your CRM, tackling projects, and managing collaborations.




3. MozBar

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It’s safe to say that the MozBar extension is every SEOs best friend. The toolbar from Moz lets you compare link metrics, create custom searches, highlight links and keywords, expose page elements, and a number of other SEO tools.

If that’s not enough, upgrade to become a Moz Pro subscriber and get in-depth SERP analysis’, unlimited reports, and quick links to Moz Analytics and other Moz Research Tools and resources.


4. Google Analytics Debugger

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The GA Debugger plug-in loads the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript for every site you browse using Google Chrome. Enabling this extension will allow you to access everything from your source, medium, and keywords to the details of events, page views, or virtual page views.




5. Bitly

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When it comes to shortening links, there’s no extension we’d rather go to than Bitly. The Chrome browser extension has everything you’d expect from a link shortener like custom shortening, easy copy-and-share buttons, as well as analytics. However, Bitly decided to go above and beyond and lets you bundle and add notes to your shortened links so you can keep organized with a series of similar links. Saving, sharing, and branding content straight from your browser has never been easier!


Web Design


6. WhatFont

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Embrace the new web font era by using WhatFont. While Firebug and WebKit Inspector are easy to use for developers, WhatFont provides the rest of us with an easy way to decipher which fonts are being used. Inspect the fonts used in a web page by hovering your mouse over them. It’s as simple as that. Seriously.


7. Eye Dropper

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Eye Dropper is the Google Chrome extension which allows you to pick the color from any web page, the color picker, or your personal color history. Just use the same technique as WhatFont and hover your mouse over the desired area to reveal the Hexadecimal Color Code.




8. Last Pass

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Between our Gmails, social media accounts, project management softwares, and who knows what else, our passwords can definitely get lost in the shuffle. That’s when Last Pass comes to the rescue. The award-winning password manager not only saves all of your passwords, but also gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. You’ll only have to remember one password for the rest of your life. Okay, we don’t know about that, but we can promise that this extension will make your life a little bit easier.

Save all of your passwords to Last Pass and the extension will auto login to your sites and sync them wherever you need them.


9. Nimbus Screenshot 

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Nimbus Screenshot does exactly what you think it does, screenshots. But wait! That’s not all. (No, this isn’t an infomercial) The extension allows you to capture the entire web page, as well as snippets of the browser window. Edit your screenshots with text boxes, arrows, and stickers to help convey the highest quality message with your image.


10. Ghostery

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We’re obsessed with the Digital Revolution, but even we can admit that things can get a little creepy now and then. Ghostery is our go-to extension for protecting our privacy. The plug-in allows you to see the “invisible” web and detects any pixels, web bugs, or trackers placed on web pages by sites like Facebook, Google and thousands of other brands who are interested in your browsing activity.



Honorable Mention



Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.39.22 PM


Extensity didn’t make our top 10 list, but we couldn’t resist ending this blog post without an honorable mention. So, we’re assuming you’ve taken our word for it and downloaded all of the Chrome extensions we previously suggested, but now your toolbar looks likes a mess. Extensity is the best solution for keeping your toolbar clean and organized. Simply enable the extension when you want to use and disable it when you don’t. You can also launch Google Chrome apps straight from the list. Thank you, Extensity, for making our lives a little easier and a lot more organized.



Tell Us Your Favorites


Did we miss your favorite Chrome extension? We want to know which ones have helped you out the most. Let us know in the comments!