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Top 5 ways to help your PPC team

October 27, 2010

1. Communicate. Inform your PPC experts of any on-site changes. Seems like
common sense but many people fail to give updates to the people who handle
their website. Perhaps they think it won’t affect anything or at least the
SEM. However, on-site changes have an impact on campaigns and sales figures
often suffer as a result. Let anyone who works on the site know of updates.
Give your team a boost and let them know whenever you need to change your
site including minor revisions. The more you know, the more you grow!

2. Go beyond the click. While many companies give their experts the info to
improve website traffic, they rarely tell them what happens post-click. What
does the traffic do? It’s not enough to just increase paid traffic to a
site. It needs to convert. If the traffic is not the right audience, it is
not worthwhile. People are realizing the quality of traffic is more
important than the quantity. Optimizing landing pages and the path to a
conversion will ensure your traffic does what you want.

3. Automate. PPC can be time-consuming, especially if inventory changes on
the website a lot. Feeds are a good way to automate the change and some paid
search tools can work with them to automate this work.

4. Educate upwards. To avoid unrealistic client expectations, tell them. The
scenario where a new client calls up an agency because they aren’t in the
first spot for a keyword is all too common. Communicate your goal with the

5. Challenge. It’s easy for PPC campaigns to become repetitive and stale.
Challenge it by thinking outside of the box and trying new things. I doubt
there’s a single PPC team that doesn’t have a mental wish list of three or
four things they would fix if they were in control — tap into that. Your
sales figures may well thank you.