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Turbulence Ahead: Panda Update Expected to Crawl in Friday, March 15 OR Monday, March 18, 2013

March 15, 2013

According to Matt Cutts, we are in for another Panda update today or Monday. What can we expect? Of course there is never a definitive answer from the top dog, however we can speculate that since Panda focuses on website quality, that this will effect websites with low content, high bounce rates, and those that aren’t following Google’s suggested “best practices”.  What does this mean for you, specifically?

Never fear! If you are reading this blog the chances are that you have either given us the reigns, or you have been schooled, and are participating in best practices on your own. Either way, you shouldn’t expect to be wiped off the face of Google. You may, however, see some fluctuation with your keyword rankings. My advice? Keep an eye on your traffic over the next week. This will give you a good idea as to whether or not you have been hit. After an update, we typically begin to see keyword stability within the 1-2 weeks to follow the update.

What else is on the horizon? Well, a few things. Thanks for asking! ;D

We are also hearing some buzz regarding the next Penguin update that is supposed to hit sometime this year (date unknown). The talk is that they are working on what Cutts refers to as, “a new generation of Penguin”. This is the algorithm that focuses particularly on the reduction of web spam. Additionally, they are rumored to be focusing heavily on link networks and are poised to strike at any time. According to Cutts, this will be one of the, “most talked about algorithm updates of the year”. Hold onto your hats, folks!

As a disclaimer, and to prevent any heart attacks, SEOhaus does not participate in this type of spammy linking and the websites that we work on won’t likely see a significant impact from this update.

The important thing to always remember when it comes to website marketing and SEO services is that Google wants to provide the BEST search engine in order to maintain their leadership. Their goal is to rank the best quality websites that provide visitors with information in a clear, concise, and engaging manner, in their top positions. They want to provide their visitors with the information that they seek as easily and as quickly as they possibly can. If you can keep this in mind as you promote and market your website (or let us do it) you will be good as Gold. Google Gold, that is!