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Tweeple Search & Why Twitter Still Matters

October 30, 2017


Twitter has been on one wild ride the last 10 years.

From being heralded as the next big social media network and a potential Facebook killer to being written off and everywhere in between, Twitter has seen it all.

The last year, in particular, has been riddled with rumors about being bought out, and there have been signs of slowing. Although Instagram is growing faster than ever and recently hit 700 million active users per month, Twitter isn’t going down without a fight.

Over the course of the first quarter, the network grew by 9 million active users and generated $595 million in revenue. There are signs of life, and its importance to digital marketing is still as strong as ever.

Although Instagram is the golden child of influencer marketing, brands are now looking to collaborate with influencers that have a strong following – that doesn’t always mean a large one. Engagement is the new measure of success.

We’ve all seen Instagram profiles that leverage sunsets and sex to get more likes, but how many of their followers – and even the people that like any given post – are responding how a sponsor needs them to? It’s debatable, and we have seen some great success with influencer marketing here, but Twitter offers a differ follower type.

Rather than double-tapping every nice scene, Twitter often focuses more on the text, and users follow brands or figures for a purpose. Whether they’re an expert, public figure, or just a friend, Twitter is more about what someone has to say rather than what colorful coffee they’re drinking.

And that’s why we cannot ignore the power of Twitter. Harnessing that power, however, is another problem to tackle. In the past, data mining could be streamlined with tools like Followerwonk and Excel, but Moz is moving its focus to other projects.

Enter Tweeple Search.

A relatively new tool on the market (thanks to Product Hunt for enlightening me), Tweeple Search sets the standard for identifying potential influencers on Twitter.You can perform a manual search or use their pre-packaged categories to quickly find dozens or hundreds of profiles.

You can perform a manual search or use their pre-packaged categories to quickly find dozens or hundreds of profiles. Looking for an in-depth analysis of a specific user? The tool breaks down user history, activity, following, and niche. Need more? The pricing options are very reasonable.

In short, it’s a gold mine.

Twitter may not be quite as big and bad as it was, but it still offers a great deal of value, especially to marketers looking to increase brand awareness and engagement. Paired up with a tool like Tweeple Search, and you’re set to take your social presence to the next level.