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Using Twitter to Increase Site Traffic Organically

September 26, 2018

Twitter, like all other top social media sites, can be a great marketing tool if you know how to use it. You can use twitter to increase your website traffic, and what’s better: you can do it organically. Twitter users have a great blank canvas for marketing, and if you know what you’re doing, you might just come out on top. Here are a few ways to use Twitter to your advantage and stay within the guidelines set out by the social media giant to maintain order and increase user status.


Be Wary of Spammy Content

Yes, you want to have as many followers as possible and interact with as many as you can, but you still must use reasonable and genuine content to get them there. Recently, Twitter, and other social media sites, have been cracking down on anything they consider to be spam or trolling. You might be thinking that this isn’t a problem for you because you’re completely transparent in your tweets; however, if your tweets reflect super-markety lingo with too many calls to action, you could be counted among these spammers.

Once considered a spammer, your twitter page may be shut down indefinitely. You may receive a warning at first to turn your content around, but there’s no guarantee, especially with Twitter taking such drastic measures lately to rid themselves of anything fake or inappropriate.

Get Chatting with Others

Since twitter is fueled by user interaction and not just followers, getting involved in user conversations is a great way to make your twitter feed more popular. Reaching out to comment on another post, replying to comments made on yours and sharing or quoting, will ultimately improve your twitter standing. Remember, it’s less likely that a random tweeter will start commenting on your feed over others unless you give them someone to talk to and something to talk about.

Chatting with other on Twitter includes trying to reply to consumer comments on your posts. Whether people are asking questions or just commenting on your hair in a certain photo, replying and getting a conversation going will pay off in the end.


Stay Away from Hashtag Overuse

Hashtags are fun, clever, and informative, but too many of them just make a post look messy and unnecessary. If you choose to use hashtags with your posts, be sure to minimize this portion of the tweet. Just as too many keywords can have the opposite effect on search engine optimization, too many hashtags can overthrow your Twitter campaign.

Using hashtags responsibly is great. It increases customer interest and alerts other tweeters to your cause. Two or three strategic keywords, which are to the point and easy to make out will go well with the public. Think of your keyword like a subtitle to a movie. If your business was a movie title, you wouldn’t be hitting it up with several mini titles to follow; just one open subtitle that catches the eye and creates positive consumer attention.


Improve Follower Engagement and You’ll Improve Online Presence

Many Twitter users gage their success as an individual or business by the number of followers they have. While it looks great on paper for having 100,000 followers, it doesn’t mean as much as you think it does if none of those followers ever interacts with you. Like standard web surfing goes, it isn’t the number of hits a page gets which causes Google to push it to the top of the rank, it’s how consumers react. If nobody is commenting, sharing, or liking your content, it’s not what users want to see, and social media sites and search engines recognize this.

Therefore, while it’s still the height of Twitterdom to gush about the number of followers you have, the ideal measurement to take and use is how many of those followers are regularly commenting, sharing, or liking what you have to say. Statistics about followers are meaningless if the followers aren’t helping your cause. This is one of the reasons there’s been a recent decline in the buying of Twitter followers as of late. Another reason is that Twitter has finally begun to crack down on the practice, banning accounts which seem fake or spammy.


Partner Up with Similar Brands

One of the great things about Twitter that you don’t see everywhere else is the ability to follow any open twitter feed and communicate with that individual. Not only that, but high-profile Twitter users are confirmed as such, making it easier than ever to pinpoint individuals who would be helpful in a particular partnership. Whether you’re simply seeking a guest blogger to help improve your site and increase brand awareness, or you want to brainstorm with a likeminded Twitter business owner, the sky is the limit.

This kind of power play is mutually beneficial to both parties, providing equal marketing opportunities for the brand you correspond with. It makes the offer of a bargain attractive and easier to sell in the moment. To approach another company, simply private message, or you could call them out publicly with a polite invitation. Just recognize that if you open this conversation publicly, the answer might be public as well and they won’t all be positive.


Whether you’ve been using Twitter your whole life, or only starting now, there’s plenty which can be unlocked to benefit you and your brand. Above all, keep tweets positive, plentiful, and clean.