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Visual Content You Should Include in Your Online Marketing Campaign

February 20, 2021

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving. In a world where the internet controls much of the business world, it’s more important than ever before to know what types of advertising your customers are interested in seeing.

If social media has taught us one thing, it’s to pay close attention to your followers. This is where the marketing data you crave is hiding – right in plain sight. When your followers post funny pictures, videos, and memes, it’s giving you a glimpse into the currently trending pop culture and providing an opportunity to participate.

Throughout this blog we’ll talk about all the types of visual content you could be using to spice up your website, blog, social media account, and more.

Memes Offer a Silly Side

Memes are all the rage and it’s no surprise to see why – they make people laugh. The marketing world isn’t as strait-laced as it used to be. Marketers and the businesses they serve can be a little silly and join in the fun with memes instead of standard images. Memes work best on social media or in blogs, rather than directly on a website or newsletter. This retains the professionalism of your business, while still showing your customers that you can let loose and shake it up a little.

People love to know that the companies they are loyal to are still human at heart. Humanizing your brand by incorporating silly popular memes makes you more like one of the crowd. When it comes time to choose the company to work with, customers will go for the one they feel they can trust most.

Infographics are the New Cool

Infographics sounds like something that belongs on an infomercial, but they’re a unique and interesting way to display information to your target consumer. Rather than just typing everything out in a confusing jumbled paragraph, an infographic takes text and turns it into an aesthetic component to your blog, website, or social media profile.

Infographics use different colored fonts, numbers and bullet points, and even some small pictures and graphics. Infographics are used to share information, but still draw the eye of those reading that information.

Video is Still the Biggest Thing on the Block

Videos have taken over the internet. From YouTube to TikTok, there’s no limit to what a video can do for a business in terms of marketing. Digital marketing is all about sharing videos, and consumers can’t get enough of it. When sharing content, you can promote yourself through videos a few different ways. You can create and upload your own unique videos, share premade videos, or work with an influencer to be featured in and share a video.

Videos are great because they let your customers be part of the action. Rather than seeing a photo you took at an office party, a video clip lets them visit that party for a while. Consumers also love videos because it’s a real live action representation of products and services. There’s a reason the home shopping channel has been so successful, and it comes down to video feed. When a shopper can see how a product works with a real person, they’re far more likely to purchase it online. In the past, these online shoppers may have preferred shopping instore for the same experience.

Online User Reviews

You may not think of this as a form of visual content because many reviews are written. However, a user review is an exciting glimpse into somebody else’s honest experience with your product or service. Many businesses use stars or other visual ranking systems to rate these experiences. This makes it even more of a visual component on your website, social media feed or blog.

Online user reviews sometimes include photos, and no photo is as real and relevant as one of somebody trying an item your customer is interested in purchasing. Everybody knows that a wedding dress looks different on a standard sized human than it does on a tall lithe model. Therefore, when women see wedding dress reviews with photos, it’s a perfect way to see if the dress is worth trying on before you ever get to the store.

Tried and True Images

It’s not the most novel concept, but images are still one of the very best ways to add a touch of beauty to your online content. Personal photos from the office, photos of your products, or photos shared by customers are all excellent additions to your online marketing campaign.

When selecting photos for use, consider photo size, how it will translate onto a mobile phone, and whether you should be tagging someone in the photo to credit them.

Consider Working with a Professional

Hopefully this blog has helped shed some light on the latest trends in visual content. Modern marketing experts are encouraging businesses to take chances and try new things where visual content is concerned. The world is becoming more and more enamored with video and graphics and knowing how to use them could make all the difference in your marketing campaign.

For those interested in learning more about visual advertising and how to get started, consider contacting an online marketing management team. Working with a professional, at least in the beginning will start you off in the right direction and teach you how to make these changes for yourself later.