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Weekly roundup: Top 5 SEO trends and more – SEOhaus

July 6, 2015

Looking for a fresh take on SEO and internet marketing? We did the research for you.

Here’s our roundup of notable SEO marketing news and pointers from the week:

SEO for several hundred products.

Zahid Aslam of StudioForty9 offers helpful hacks for the most troublesome issues facing e-commerce SEO. Our favorite: how do we deal with discontinued items? Aslam considers the pros and cons of 301 redirects to the most relevant category page as well as ‘discontinued’ messages on unavailable products.

Nine content experts can’t be wrong.

Arnie Kuenn of Marketing Land compiles a roundup of his own, asking nine SEO hotshots for insights for optimizing your web content. One of the standout recommendation comes from Avalaunch Media president Mat Siltala, who insists that if there is one essential tip for content optimization, it is making sure “all of your content is set up correctly to positively impact your Google Authorship.”

Take notes on original content from Shakespeare and Wu-Tang.

While this may digress from standard notions of SEO, it helps to reinforce the case for fresh, original content over repetition and trite words. Designer and data wiz Matt Daniels compares the legendary vocabulary of Shakespeare against those of renowned hip-hop artists. Sifting through the first 35,000 lyrics of each respective rapper, Daniels emerges with an interactive chart to show the occurrence of unique vocabulary. As far as original content goes in Daniels’ study, Wu-Tang flaunts four of its members’ solo works in the top twenty (and no, Ol Dirty Bastard was not one).

The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop_Regional is the industry standard for structured data markup.

Our very own Brian Carver lays out the basics of, the online vocabulary that allows webmasters to markup data for their websites in a coherent fashion. Just about any attribute of an event, person, place, or thing can be marked up using schemas to display that information on SERPs. While it requires some basic understand of HTML to implement, Carver outline shows how effectively you can display relevant information to users with fewer clicks.


The ongoing debate: does social media factor into SEO?

There’s no unanimous judgment on the degree to which social media enters into the Google algorithm. Still, Leujay Cruz insists it’s naïve to exclude social media from your SEO campaign. He makes a case for the effect social media has on link potential, volume, and personalization and authority. For example, social shares and +1s are substantial yet underused tools for creating more link potential and contributing to your campaign. Cruz’s article is a great reminder not to put all your internet marketing eggs in one basket.


These are the best SEO articles I’ve stumbled upon this week. What articles or trends contributed to your workflow this week?