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What does everyone think of Google Instant?

October 18, 2010

Since the release of Google Instant in the beginning of September I have been feeling a lil crabby… a lil unnnerved… a lil testy. And although not completely unfamiliar feelings to me I thought I’d better see if I was the only one feeling this way. I began my search at the “speed of light” to find others with Instant Frustration. I do admit I am in awe of how it works and how it reads my mind BUT it is awfully distracting (sometimes I forget what I was originally searching for) and a tad intrusive? Do I want Google “reading my mind”?

In my research of feedback on Google Instant I discovered a pretty even split. I read about how much time it can save because typing the word(s) you are searching is a longer process than getting results with each letter. A blogger even forecasts you won’t need to type in the future, Google will have personalized options for you. It kinda reminds me of a scary movie. Google has said that one inspiration “came from the realization that people generally read faster than they type”….I could drive 55 mph on the 101 but I wouldn’t be able to see the waves crashing : (