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What is a Directory Submission and Why Does it Matter?

October 17, 2012

I’m sure you have heard us use the term “Directory Submissions” when referring to link building strategies. Ever wonder what this means, exactly? Well, there are quite a few different types of directory submissions – such as business directories, and more importantly, local business directories. The keyword in this phrase is “local.” Some major business directories include Yelp, City Search, and Yellow Pages. These have been the “go to” for local business directories (well, we’re not so sure about Yellow Pages anymore), however there are so much more that are just as important.

Receiving a variety of links from other business directories [not just the major names] is why we’re here to help you. Registering your authority on these directories not only allows you to own your brand, but Local business directories are a big factor in helping your company’s internet presence and online reputation.

They are often considered trustworthy, as they allow people to post reviews or testimonials. In this light, new customers can understand the business and acquire more insight on whether they trust the company or business. We’re living in a world where reviews matter and customer opinion counts. Google for instance, joined forces with ZAGAT so it can deliver the most highly rated, relevant services to your search when looking for things like a local restaurant. Look up any business on Google maps and check out it’s rating!

But what does all of the above mean? Why is it essential?

Google’s number 1 mission statement is, ‘Focus on the user and all else will follow’ When we look to register you on every available directory that’s relevant, we’re giving the user the option to see you in every possible area, we’re also showing Google that you’re serious about working in a legit way to expose your brand in the right channels. Engaging with your audience here is also a huge factor, work to get better ratings, offer your customers some great deals to get involved and tell them more about your business.

Hopefully the above gives you a little snippet as to why Directory Submissions are still so vital to the promotion of your business.