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What’s That? SEO Chat — Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

January 11, 2013


  • Steve @ Ohio State says:

    What do you do when Webmaster Tools reports 200+ pages that are crawl errors but the links do not exist on your site? I have no ideal where Google got the links from.

    • Richie says:

      Hi Steve, Thanks for watching! I’m more than happy to help in any way that I can. Are these Site Errors or URL Errors? In any case, Google should provide you with the exact URL that is culprit of the crawl error. It may be a good idea to check your sitemap to make sure that these URLs aren’t lingering around from an old sitemap or file in your domain.

      If these are 404 errors, you can always use 301 redirects to repair these errors. Additionally, sometimes your CMS may create pages in the back end of your site that you may have to disallow in your robots.txt file.

      If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to let us know!


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