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Which Is Better for SEO: Using Ajax to Load Content Or JavaScript?

November 16, 2010

This post begins with a particular dilemma that SEOs have often faced: Sometimes it seems our technology today is bathed in the controversy of what we personally think will work against which or what search engine optimization process is the best.  Such is the case with JavaScript and Ajax.

Getting some useful knowledge in the process of using the two different kinds of scripts in SEO is vital to the success of search engine optimization and having search engines crawl through your website. And of course, using the script is essential to websites today that have a need to display their content on computers through the Internet. Now, working knowledge of this process is left up to the experts, but I myself being a consumer am faced with a dilemma of which process should be used after hearing that these scripts can help or hinder the loading process of webpages overall.

Some well-known Web design specialists have stated in the past that websites that use AJAX to load content into the page can do so much quicker than if JavaScript was used to provide a fast loading process. Fortunately, Google has made a proposal for how webmasters can use both Ajax and JavaScript to get the best of both worlds. Press releases have stated that links to these scenarios can be done, but it boils down to some relatively simple concepts that your SEO Company had better know.

Although Google made this announcement a year ago, I don’t sense that it’s enticed a great deal of attention – even though it ought to be predominantly useful for SEOs, this post in general is directed to people who have not explored Google’s AJAX crawling abilities and the widespread use of JavaScript as another option or alternative. Hopefully this will help in making an informed decision instead of being a blind consumer or business owner looking for your website to be ranked on page 1 of Google.