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Why Every Business Should Use Facebook Videos

November 7, 2018

Social media has quickly become the norm in advertising, whether you run a small local business or a nationwide company. Facebook, while not quite at the top of their game anymore, are still considered one of the biggest providers for social media ads and marketing campaigns. One of the more prominent ways businesses are choosing to interact with customers is through Facebook videos.

Facebook videos are engaging, customizable and give your consumer a glimpse into your world. This makes your business a more real and tangible thing and humanizes your brand. For any business big or small, it’s crucial to encourage web traffic, raise brand awareness and create relevant content.


Getting the Attention of Your Core Market

It’s a competitive world out there, especially in business. There seems to be ten of every shop or restaurants just around the corner, which makes standing out more difficult than ever before. To get the attention of your core market, Facebook videos are an excellent way to engage your audience and offer something visual and exciting.

Market research shows that customers no longer want to just hear or read information; they like to see it played out live and in color. Long gone are the days of lengthy editorial copy to draw in potential consumers. It’s now the age of YouTube, and more shoppers want to see their favorite brands streaming live.


More Likes and Shares

Facebook videos make it possible to stream live while you’re shopping at the grocery store, from a concert or at an amusement park. Social media users can watch, comment, like, and interact in ways they can’t while simply reading a blog. What’s more, consumers can share your live stream with friends and family, urging them to check it out before you go offline. This is a truly exciting way to get your customers talking and taking an initiative to get involved with your brand.

More likes and shares on Facebook means more attention is being paid to your listing when Facebook users search for businesses with similar descriptions. Rather than falling 10th in a lineup of local bakery listings, you could be 1st or 2nd with a lot of help from consumer interaction.


Make Your Brand Stand for Something

Videos evoke emotion and give your customers a feeling about your brand. Building brand awareness and brand loyalty is an important part of business. Yes, you’re sharing a product or a service, but your video can also share a message and show the world what your brand stands for. Perhaps your makeup line is anti-animal-testing, or your organic bakery uses only fresh locally sourced products to support your community. These are important features of your business which come across so much more strongly with visual aids.

You can show your customers where the food is made, who you source ingredients from, the proud locals who handcraft products before they reach the store shelves. Your company is more than just an income, it’s a source of pride, and you can share this with viewers through Facebook videos.


Affordable, User Friendly Marketing

It isn’t the most important reason to try Facebook videos for marketing purposes, but it’s up there. Facebook allows businesses to share products and services online, market themselves, grow a following, and interact with consumers and other businesses for virtually nothing. If you never take advantage of paid Facebook advertising, you can still utilize many of their user features to market your company.

Facebook videos don’t cost money to make or run, you can film them yourself and share as many as you like at your leisure. Of course, you can pay to have professional videos made and spend extra to give them priority placement or run them as paid ads on user newsfeeds, but you aren’t required to. This is the beauty of the Facebook marketing strategy, it’s so customizable and simple to use that anyone can do it. Even if you’re just starting out and don’t have the money in your budget for ads, this is a method you can use to your advantage.

Facebook isn’t the only social media platform offering video services, but it’s one of the easiest to use and distribute to your audience. Before creating a video, sit and storyboard ideas with your team about a potential plot, theme, or purpose. Your videos can be totally spur of the moment and have no script in hand, but having a few concepts to work with before you dive in will make the process smoother and reduce any mental block when it comes time to film.

If you’re nervous about using Facebook videos on your business profile, try a personal one first. If you have a personal Facebook account, create a video to share with friends and family, something as simple as wishing everyone a happy holiday or inviting them to like your business page. If it goes well, you can start on the business side of videographer. If it doesn’t go so swimmingly, it gives you an opportunity to take it back to the drawing board, see what went wrong and what went right and recreate it.


You might be surprised to learn just how simple Facebook videos are and what a difference they will make to your social media marketing game. Remember to be genuine, motivated and unique when you make your video to keep your audience interested in you and your brand.