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Why Google+ Should Be a Plus in Your Book

April 23, 2013

It has been a while since Google+ launched and the reactions that I have been hearing have been rather interesting. I wonder if it is based on the frustration of learning how to navigate another Social Media outlet. Perhaps, we are just so comfortable with Facebook and Twitter that the thought of adding ANOTHER player into the game seems overwhelming. Whatever it is, I am here today to tell you why you really should reconsider. While we know that Google+ certainly isn’t going to become the next Facebook anytime soon, I think users would agree that it is an exceptional source to promote information. Google+ is sort of, the grown up version of Facebook. It steers us away from the surplus of baby and puppy photos and provides a better forum for the information that interests us. Here, you will find a community area that helps you connect with people that share certain interests. The community area  offers information and feedback from other users and, in my opinion, provides a classier overtone than some of the old school forum formats we have seen in the past. For example, I am a member of several communities that center around Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Another strong PLUS of Google+ (see what I did there?) is that you can help support your overall marketing efforts. It can help prove to Google that you are, in fact, an authority in whatever field you say that you are. For example, once I post this blog update, I will share the post with Google+. My friends and co-workers will, hopefully, like and share this information throughout their networks and, along with our previous postings, link building, and general website content Google will continue to view us as an authority in Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Of course, these are just a few benefits of Google+. In my opinion, it’s also very handy to have everything in the same place for easy access. They have done an exceptional job with this and I am a strong supporter of their platform.

In closing, while Google+ may not seem like the biggest and most popular kid on the block, I bet if we check in a year from now things will be a little different!

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