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WooBox Case Study: GoPro HERO4 Giveaway

September 5, 2016

The Problem

We work with a tech accessory brand who offers a product line of unique, well-made items. While the e-tailer has been growing at a fantastic rate, both the client and I knew that there was potential for increased visibility online. Isn’t that always the case? Organic traffic had been improving steadily for months, referral traffic was really picking up nicely from reviews and features, and paid search was doing its part. Social media and email marketing, however, were both leaving us underwhelmed. Now, I’m no supporter of animal violence, but I was looking for ways to kill two birds with one stone. With Facebook’s algorithm making it tougher to have a significant organic presence and many email inboxes representing a graveyard of newsletters, we decided to mix things up with something a bit more engaging and exciting than your average post about kittens.

The Solution

Enter WooBox. It’s just one of the many tools that we use here at BrightHaus, and this was the perfect storm to put it to use. By hosting a giveaway, we would be able to increase Facebook page likes as well as capture email addresses of users with a high potential of becoming customers. To up the stakes, we decided to make the grand prize a GoPro HERO4 Silver. It was time to launch.

The Results

We ran the giveaway for 22 days, and the results during that time far exceeded our expectations. There was a total of 124.5k entries, although most came from bonuses. There were 1,943 unique entries each from a unique email address, which provided a significant boost to our email marketing efforts. Of the nearly 2,000 entrants, 478 of them shared the link to receive bonus entries, generating 1,877 post likes and a total reach of 42,672. Just over one-quarter of the users reached visited with contest, resulting in about 11,000 visits.

Total Page Likes

Prior to the giveaway, the page had 2,934 likes. We finished with 4,381 likes! The graph above clearly illustrates the effect that the giveaway had on the number of page likes. That three-week period represents the fastest growth in likes the page has seen since its inception in early 2012. Bear in mind, that growth of 150% followers came at a cost.

First of all, there was the investment of the GoPro itself, and the HERO4 Silver retails at $399. We also put $300 behind boosting the post, totaling $700 for the giveaway. Let’s compare that to taking the Promoted Page route. The graph below shows paid likes and the organic likes that came as a result of the contest:

Net Likes

To get 9-35 likes per day with a $10 per day budget, achieving 1447 new likes would take anywhere from 160 days to 41 days, costing anywhere from $1,600 to $410. We did it in 22 days with $800. Looking at the Insights above, promoting the page had previously accounted for the nearly all new likes, which is far from an ideal situation. That all changed with the contest, and the positive trend continues.

On top of that, the new users’ first interaction during the giveaway with the page was a positive one, and we have seen increased engagement with all posts since the contest ended. I don’t want to beat a dead horse (or a live horse for that matter), but it’s safe to say the giveaway helped us accomplish what we set out to do.

Lessons Learned

While the contest was a success, we picked up a few good tips that we have already implemented in contests since then.

First of all, know your goals. What do you want to accomplish with a contest? Ensure that your contest is in line with your greater business goals and the contests helps you accomplish those objectives. WooBox has dozens of contest options and endless customization possibilities; choosing which path to follow needs to be done carefully.

Not only should the contest be for your benefit but your followers as well. It’s important to offer something that they want. Much of the contest’s success hinges on what followers will get from participating. A GoPro camera perfectly fit our current and target followers, but that is likely not the case for you.

Boosting your post is a must. By intentionally selecting who to target, you can improve your success rate significantly. Take care to ensure you focus on the right demographic to maximize engagement. On the note of engagement, the wording and visuals you employ will also have a large impact. For example, our Fan-Gate, Entry , and Post-Entry Pages are below:

fangate screencap


Entry screencap

Entry Page

postentry screencap

Post-Entry Page

While I subscribe to the philosophy that there is always room for improvement, the messaging is clear and concise. We wanted to be playful and cater to the audience of GoPros users, and we did just that. While there is more than one way to skin a cat (again with those animal cruelty metaphors!), we accomplished what we set out to do.

Like anything, it’s important to learn from what others are doing as well as scientifically measure your own results and take future actions based in data and well as your gut. If you want to learn more about using WooBox or growing your business through digital marketing, get in touch with us.