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Yahoo! Gets a New Look

February 24, 2013

With the recent news that Google’s market share has yet again increased, Yahoo! and Bing seem to be making an attempt to fight back but the large question remains, will it ever be enough??

Yahoo! revealed a new look this week, the first redesign in four years. Trying to make search a little more personal , CEO Marissa Mayer, said that it’s now about “interests and perferences”. This includes a Twitter like news feed and allowing searches to be shared through social media. It also includes a customizable homepage with apps which you can tailor with photos, weather and reminders.

Picture 2

Bing seems to be tackling it’s competitor with advertising, with “Bing it On” TV ads directly targeting Google’s usability and making it personal by taking it to streets of San Francisco, “Google’s own back yard”. Bing is even showing up in Jeopardy categories, making it apparent, they want their name to be known.

Can Bing and Yahoo! do what seems to be the impossible? While it still seems to be a battle of David and Goliath proportions, the SEO geek in me is definitely having fun watching.