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You Got 6 Seconds

November 7, 2016

Everyone’s doing it, Even us. While Vine is well past it’s time in the spotlight, its still stands strong as a platform holding its ground in the creative landscape. Twitter launched the app in 2013, and since then it has skyrocketed with users, mainly due to its simplicity and its ability to be uber creative. Many brush off the importance of Vine, or even the weight it possesses in place of a traditional marketing campaign, however, let’s not forget the cultural significance it’s held in forming the social landscape we have today.

The platform is attractive for marketers looking to tap into millennials and younger generations, who are not always quick to flock to their Facebook and Twitter apps, but rather looking for a quick dose of creativity and imagination. While there have been disputes regarding the “sweet spot” for mobile video duration,” it’s hard to deny the fact that Vine has nailed it with 6 seconds. The six second feature has notoriously been a bonus for users who want to reach an audience with short attention spans. Not to mention, top Viners’ have huge influence on the audience who watches them.

Since it’s launch years ago, major household brands have been killing it on vine; creating eye capturing campaigns to sometimes downright hilarious videos.


Showcasing everything to new products…



live events…


or full on creative campaigns.


The world is your oyster.  

While we may be not trying to win over the hearts of millions with eye shattering content, we do enjoy posting videos of our life here at the ‘Haus.