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Your SEO Campaign A.D.

February 5, 2013

Have you ever wondered what happens to your SEO efforts when you cease services with an SEO company? Well, I certainly can’t speak for other SEO companies; however I CAN speak for SEOhaus. I have been asked if we reverse any of the work that we have done. I have been asked if we delete links, or build bad links to websites of clients who decide to move on. I have been asked if we bad mouth people on the streets. 😐 The answer is, “NO!” An emphatic, “NO!” at that! It is not, and has never been within our practice to ever harm a client’s site. Perhaps it’s a deep belief in karma, or maybe we just want to be seen as, “the good guys”, but we just wouldn’t do it. “So, what happens then?” you ask. Over time you will begin to see rankings naturally begin to slip. This happens as your competitors work to build up their organic campaign. Additionally, Google will begin to notice that you are no longer completing link building measures toward your specific URL. They may very likely ding you for this, as they prefer websites that keep a steady pace. In other words, they prefer that if you build 10 backlinks a week, that you always build this amount of backlinks a week. If you have a blog and you create 2 blog postings a week that you consistently post 2 blog postings a week. This is something that we monitor very closely throughout the length of your campaign. We track both the amount of links that we create to your URL and the rate at which we build these links.

Just to be clear, you won’t see an immediate drop to your rankings, you won’t fall off the face of Google, and your website definitely won’t implode, but you will see the effects of ceasing your SEO campaign over time. You will see a decrease in rankings and likely with traffic. If you are facing budgetary constraints, as is with any service based product, speak to your provider. I’m sure they would happily negotiate a price rather than lose your business altogether. Sometimes you just have to ask the question. 🙂