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4 Social Media Tips Online Businesses Need to Know

Ecommerce is more than just a popular way to sell products and services via the internet; it’s an entire movement, and many believe, the future of the sales industry. From eBay to Amazon, ecommerce has become a driving force in everything from books and games to food and cars. If you can buy it, you […]

Facebook Looking to Make News Feeds Better

Facebook has begun cracking down on the amount of fake news being posted to the site after individuals and businesses complained about clickbait and misinformation. The company has started the process by making it possible for users to adjust their news feed to block out these false news claims. This is meant to produce a […]

Website Redesign Tips to Put You at the Top This Year

Throughout all the search engine optimization and Google ranking hype, many site owners forget that the most important part of your website is the audience it’s reaching. Catering your site to Google bots will help in some ways, but not in others. The target audience is the reason most sites are looking to improve ranking […]

Twitter Squashes Trolls with New Power Play

Internet trolling fast became a hobby for those amused by the discomfort and annoyance of others. Made easy by the mask of anonymity that online posting provides, trolling involves the posting of comments or topics which bother others simply for the amusement of the “troll”. While trolling began as a form of causing amusing disruptions […]

SEO Tools You Should Know About

Even the novice search engine optimization user needs to know about the tools of the trade. With Google cracking down on several SEO practices due to their inability to convey authentic and genuine information, it’s become more important than ever before to use reliable methods of keyword research and linking in your website. If you […]

Google Assistant Getting Many Users Excited

Every tech giant seems to have their own AI these days, and Google is no different. Known to be one of the most lifelike of the virtual assistant’s, with its cheery morning greeting alarm, complete with time and weather announcement, it has a few changes this year which are said to make it even better. […]

Is Facebook the Next to Revolutionize the Dating App

Online dating has been around since the dawn of the internet, with websites like Plenty of Fish and Tinder taking the front seat when it comes to finding love online. While social media has always been a way for individuals to reach out, meet new people, and even find romance, it’s never been marketed as […]

Snapchat Redesign Not Working Out

Change is usually a good thing, particularly in the world of technology, but the redesign by Snapchat was met with user negativity right from the beginning. Users of the social media platform, which utilizes timed photos and an online story board to share with other users, were not happy to learn that there were going […]

Fake News, Fake Followers, and Fake Reviews Under Scrutiny

The days of heading out to the front step for the daily paper are over. Now, men and women around the world are logging onto their computer or swiping through their smart phones to get the local news. Unfortunately, the news isn’t always as accurate as it should be, with many websites reporting on false […]

Digital Personal Assistants: Whose is Best?

Sci-fi movies have always depicted artificial intelligence as some all-destructive super smart piece of technology looking to take over the world, a perfect example being Terminator. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to real life modern AI. Artificial Intelligence is used in many ways to help with day to day life, and while […]

How to Use Your Social Media Account to Benefit Your Business

Looking to improve your Google ranking, gain a better following by potential customers, or create a brand which is recognized more openly? Your social media accounts could be the key. Social media has dominated the internet for a few decades now, but within the last 5-years it’s really come into its own in terms of […]

Google Algorithm Changes and Other Updates You Should Know About

Google is constantly evolving, and it seems like the search engine giant is at it again with some changes to search protocol and a brand-new algorithm update. What will this mean for your business or website? Well, it could mean a lot of things depending on how well you’ve been following the algorithms in the […]