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Valentine’s Day Marketing 101: 5 Steps to Boost Your Social Media Game

In North America, the Valentine’s Day market is huge. It may not be Christmas huge, but it’s guaranteed to bring you in some extra revenue if you play your cards right. One of the biggest mistakes any business owner can make is ignoring the potential of holiday marketing. It doesn’t matter what type of product […]

Logo Designs You’ll See More of This Year

With the change into a new year and a new decade, 2020 is bringing with it plenty of changes for marketers worldwide. There are new brands, brands renewing themselves with updated logos, and brands creating logos for the first time. Staying on top of trends, even in the realm of logos, is critical in a […]

Making the Most of Your January Marketing Strategy

There’s so much commotion just before the New Year. With Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December, this is a marketer’s dream, offering up plenty of topics to structure advertising around. What about January? Once all the festivities are over, most businesses are left waiting for Valentine’s Day […]

7 Predictions for Social Media in the New Year

The new year is on its way, and with it, an abundance of new marketing trends and updates. One way to stay on top of these changes is to watch what experts are predicting for 2020. So far we’ve seen a variety of popular advertising methods remaining intact, while some are upgrading completely. If you’re […]

5 Video Ideas for This Year’s Holiday Marketing Campaign

Hopefully most holiday campaigns are in full swing. Some may even be wrapping up. Any commerce-driven business owner knows the holiday shopping season isn’t over until it’s truly over. This means that heaping on the holiday advertising until the New Year is key. One of the best ways to improve customer engagement and site traffic […]

6 Reasons to Try Social Media in 2020

It may come as a surprise but not all businesses choose to invest in social media marketing. Some are still without social media accounts, others without websites. In an age governed by the internet, it’s shocking to see businesses embracing traditional marketing over modern marketing. For some industries this still works, but there are many […]

5 Tips for Upcoming Social Media Trends in 2020

Social media is evolving; but one thing remains the same – it moves with the trends. In 2019, we saw plenty of new video and ephemeral content surfacing across every platform. With the new year on the horizon, marketers should strive to get ahead of new trends before they surface. Having a head start on […]

5 Trends on the Rise in 2020 for Social Media Marketing

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s important that business owners and marketers take note of the coming trends. 2020 brings with it a myriad of new color patterns, content topics, and imagery. Staying on track with the trends increases the effectiveness of social media marketing. When consumers aren’t seeing information, they’re interested in they’re […]

Perfecting Your Email Marketing Skills for the New Year

Winter is upon us, and with it comes the promise for a new year. In 2020, what will the marketing world bring to businesses around the globe? While digital media seems to be changing at a rapid pace, some things remain unchanged. Email is a tried and true marketing method and one which is still […]

Visual Content You Should Include in Your Online Marketing Campaign

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving. In a world where the internet controls much of the business world, it’s more important than ever before to know what types of advertising your customers are interested in seeing. If social media has taught us one thing, it’s to pay close attention to your followers. This is […]

Get Ahead with These 5 E-mail Automation Tips

E-mail automation is a game changer for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and online traffic. Automation is as easy as inputting the information you want to send and scheduling its release. However, it requires a little more from you as a business owner. Whether you choose to be incredibly hands-on with your e-mail automation […]

5 Tips to Boost Your Holiday Social Media Game

The holidays are coming and there’s no better time to impress upon your social media followers how great your products and services are. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all excellent places to ramp up the holiday spirit and remind shoppers that there are only so many days to gift friends and family with all the […]