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4 Alternatives to Using an Intrusive Interstitial

Google is continuously trying to prove their commitment to the mobile-first marketplace. They have been making both major and minor changes to their algorithms to better suit the behaviors and preferences of the user and one thing is for sure, users don’t like intrusive pop-ups. Brighthaus previously wrote an article about Google Cracking Down on […]

The Medium Move: Editorial Content vs. Ad Revenue

I was pretty startled to hear that publication company laid off more than a third of its company due to what the CEO calls “a broken ad model.” Ev Williams, Medium’s CEO says “ad-driven media on the internet” is to blame for the company’s shortcomings. He believes that misinformation and the pressure to pump […]

BrightHaus’ Design Team Wins Top Agency Award

We are pleased to announce that from 284 Agencies surveyed, BrightHaus’ design team, CreativeHaus was awarded one of the top 10 positions in San Diego. Thanks to Expertise for conducting the survey and honoring us with such a stellar placement.  

This Is Going To Change The Way You Text

If you recently updated your iPhone to iOS10, you’ve probably noticed a series of unfamiliar updates that can either be  annoying or helpful. A series of my qualms with the update stem from my usage of social media app, WhatsApp. While I won’t batter on the subject to much, it’s important to note the update […]

Instagram For Business

Recently Instagram has released its new business tools.     Instagram is exponentially growing and these statistics regarding Instagram usage are quite extraordinary.  There are 500m+ monthly active users, 300m+ daily active users, 4.2bn likes daily, and 95m+ photos/videos per day.  The significance of these statistics is that by creating an Instagram business profile you […]

Messaging: Public vs. Private

Ironic that Snapchat introduces ‘memories‘ while FB rolls out timed end-to-end encryption for Messenger. While Messenger’s update seems to be more of a response to WhatsApp’s recent changes, it’s interesting to see Snapchat, an app who prided itself on privacy, keep taking steps in the opposite direction. Curious to see how it plays out.   […]

Internet Marketing Weekly Roundup

First things first: in case if you didn’t already know, we have a great brother and sister team here at SEOhaus. Although their technical savvy is a little limited, they provide us with a never-ending source of cuteness. Check out Tech Cocktail’s latest post featuring Lily and Marshall, along with other pets found at start-ups […]

Valentine’s Day Cards for SEO Lovers (Literally)

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day card is a challenge. You know what’s even more challenging? Finding the perfect Valentine for your co-worker. Because everyone does that, right? We decided that it was time to show a little love to the people we spend more time with than we’d like to admit. The relationships you establish […]

Things New SEOs Won’t Understand In 10 Years

  It became painfully clear to me recently that I am getting older. Older than I’d ever like to be. After a terrifying talk with my 13 year old cousin, who has never heard of such things like a floppy disk, overhead projector, or pogs, I came to realize that times change. This being said, […]